Our range of services
We specialize in filling vacancies at the most senior level – boards of directors, executive management and central corporate functions. Our principal geographical focus is Switzerland and its neighbouring countries.

We are very business focused. We are aware that our company’s long-term, sustainable development and financial independence is primarily dependent on the profits it makes. We are always working to develop new and innovative solutions, and to implement these for the benefit of our clients and candidates.

How we see our role 
We see ourselves as providing a service to our clients and candidates. They can expect expertise, conscientiousness, professionalism, commitment and honesty from us. We use  clear and open language in everything we do.

We want to gain a thorough understanding not only of our clients, but also of their business, the kind of work they do and the environment in which they operate, as well as to get to know the key people. To do this we familiarize ourselves with every single aspect of the field in which the client operates. If a job profile lies outside our competence, skills or abilities, we will refuse the search project.

The forward-looking structure of our organization, systems and processes allows us to make constant improvements in efficiency. We are helped in this endeavour by continuously updated, state-of-the-art tools.

Quality and clarity of our documents 
We are transparent. All of the documents we produce for clients and candidates contain clear and meaningful information. Our candidate documentation is notable for its all-round evaluation of the person’s personality, management skills and experience. It also includes a recommendation from the consultant.

Our employees 
We make sure that our employees are involved in all the important tasks and processes. Our well-educated, well-informed and committed staff is the bedrock of our shared success. By giving them latitude to make decisions and act, we encourage independence and personal accountability. We provide the right kind of environment and organize the appropriate training to make sure this aim is achieved. We go the extra mile to ensure that we fulfil the expectations of both clients and candidates at all times.

Long-term business success for all parties involved is only possible if our clients and candidates are happy with our service. Therefore, we are eager to receive regular feedback.